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Mar 28

Roof Construction and Materials

Domestic roof construction is the framing and roof covering which is found on most suburban detached houses in cold and temperate climates. Such... Learn more

Feb 28

Basement Remodeling

If you are ready to remodel your basement there are a lot of different ways to use the space so make sure you know what you want before you... Learn more

Jan 30

Kitchen Remodel

Is it time to upgrade your home to a new cooking area/kitchen remodel? While professionals all agree that remodeling your kitchen can... Learn more

Improvements to Consider for Your Home

All sorts of ideas come to mind when you want to renovate any part of your home, however remember if you have resale in mind at any date in the future you may want to consider all your resale suggestions. Like for starters you want to put a bowling alley in your basement, you may have trouble selling your home for such a decision. Or turning your bedroom into something you saw in a Hollywood magazine, and why not you ask? I can afford it!

In terms of cost and style, the type of remodel should match the rest of your home and also your neighborhood. To get the best return on your investment, scour local listings to see what's standard in your area, and then bring your decor up to speed. When we over do it we can lose on our return in investment. The old saying keep it simple, and that alone can pay more back in the long run.

Now it doesn’t matter what room what style or what plan you have made, if it is poorly constructed you might as well not done it at all. Choose your professional contractor wisely and do your homework on all aspects of your choices from materials to designs and so forth.

Smart home technology is growing and homes with energy-efficient appliances are becoming the norm. If this is the route you may be considering you don’t have far to look. It seems everywhere you go the competition on these appliances is fast and steady.

There is also a toilet on the market that after each flush, the bowl is spritzed with electrolyzed water, which has a slightly acidic pH value, supposedly keeping the bowl fresh and clean longer. There’s also an integrated UV light in the seat that will accelerate the decomposition of inorganic substances in the bowl. We have come far in most all areas of our home appliances and the technology keeps moving forward so stay with what’s going on out there if you are to make a wise decision.

Growth in home prices is continuing at a healthy pace and encouraging homeowners to make remodeling investments.

Here are some reminders of the types of remodeling you may consider in the near future:

Additions, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Windows and Doors

Garages, Wheel Chair Ramps, Storm Repairs, Storm Proofing, Green Building

Room Additions, Driveways, Sidewalk Repair, Decks, Siding, Soffits, Painting,

Carpentry, Tile Work, Energy Efficiency Tax Credits, Roofing.

And when you remodel you will have to get new apparels for your new and now some new things to look for in 2017 style trends:

Wallpaper Is Back

The newest earth tone color is Lake Blue

Faux Fur-niture

Textures Inspired by Nature (ex: trying out parchment, faux animal skin, cork and more)

Overdyed Rugs


Solar is again on the rise and soaring, Here some of the reason’s why:

Lower Energy Bills

Solar energy's obvious perk is cost savings. Generating your own electricity through the power of the sun means you don't have to rely on your local electric utility as often. Many homeowners who have installed solar panels have either seen their energy bills reduced significantly, or have eliminated their electricity bill altogether.

Increased Home Value

Solar energy is only going to gain more steam as it becomes commercially viable and advanced. That means it will also increase the value of your home in the coming years as more individuals seek homes with this type of technology.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Solar energy drastically reduces carbon emissions and also allows you to establish independence from fossil fuels, both in the U.S. and abroad. With climate change on the minds of many these days, investing in solar energy may be one of the best things you as an individual can do for the planet.