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Dec 13

Home Renovations

The bare and dark space of a basement often poses a challenge for basement remodels. Don't let the lack of ideas and design intimidate you.... Learn more

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Home Renovations

The bare and dark space of a basement often poses a challenge for basement remodels. Don't let the lack of ideas and design intimidate you.
There are infinite ideas out there for a modern basement remodel and or renovation. Unused basements tend to get filled with every old and unwanted item in the house from worn out furniture to childhood memorabilia. Unfortunately, this is letting precious square footage go to waste. The basement is a perfect space that could be transformed into a warm and welcoming area for your family and friends to enjoy.

A basement remodel or complete renovation not only adds to your living space, it can also increase the value of your home. Additionally, it allows you to explore ideas that you often can’t apply to your main living space.

Divide one big useless room into several smaller rooms for different functions. Erecting full walls or half walls is a personal choice and depends on a few factors. While half walls lessen the privacy of each section that full walls can give and activities may interfere with each other, full walls may block out natural light and make the whole basement seem smaller. In the end, the design should consider the existing boundaries on which work will be done.

You could set up a game room or play area for the kids, theater room for family and guests, a wet bar or even an extra bedroom to host visitors. 

A big focus of contemporary basement designs is cost control. Usually homeowners don’t want to spend too much on a space that they don’t deem as crucial as the kitchen or bathroom.

Many homeowners, with the help of their contractors, are resorting to modern minimalist remodels. The ideal modern basement balances between aesthetics and functionality. The space needs to look good and feel warm. At the same time, it also needs to be comfortable and livable in such a way that it can be put to a variety of uses.

Basement remodels which have several rooms have different lighting needs. The type of light to be installed will depend on its each area's function and choosing the right one will enhance the usefulness and attractiveness of each room. Taking into account the natural light available before putting in the artificial lights will help keep power usage down.

The best way to figure out how to put your finished basement to use is to determine what your home is missing.

If there are kids around, they are likely running out of room for their toys. If you work from home, you may need an isolated and quiet space where you can get some work done. If you don’t have a dedicated guest bedroom, the basement is the perfect place to set one up.

Maybe it’s just great extra space, a blank palette—there are so many awesome ways you can use the basement. A movie room, game room, family room or kitchenette can provide a special place for the family to bond and have fun. Man caves and/or woman caves have become trendy and there are plenty of modern basement cave ideas available to inspire your own private space.

The basement is one of the most common places to locate a woman cave. Even man caves tend to be located in the basement. This is one of the most ideal locations thanks to the secluded nature and space availability. You can design it the way you wish without getting in the way of your home décor. It is also naturally soundproof, creating a noise-free place to relax and do your stuff. The challenge with a basement finishing project is that it requires quite a bit of work before it ready to use.