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Insurance Agents

Denver Metro's Leading Home Inspection Experts

When a storm hits a client’s home there is typically many contractors knocking on their door claiming that they have damage. Too often they are not correct and they end up with a Zero Pay Claim which can affect their insurance rates or ability to be insured.

Loveridge Builders are happy to do a pre-inspection before even turning in a claim. This way they can evaluate if they truly have damage that would constitute a viable claim.  We can also help them through the process with the adjusters and help them understand what the insurance is providing for them.

We are happy to assist with a reinspection with the adjuster if needed. We have years of good productive meetings with adjusters.


Loveridge Guarantee

  • Simplify the claims and restoration process for your insured.
  • Protect your book of business with a positive claims experience.
  • Lifetime Labor Warranty.
  • Extensive experience in all areas of restoration; commercial and residential.
  • Agent assist programs.

We do all of this free of charge and the client is not obligated to use us for any repairs.


Benefits of Choosing Loveridge

Loveridge Roofing works with Insurance Agents and Insurance Organizations in the Denver, Colorado region to provide cost-effective, high quality roofing systems and problem-solving solutions. Loveridge Roofing works closely with numerous insurance companies in the Denver Metro area to keep our mutual customers happy with roofing that routinely exceeds expectations. Trust our seasoned professionals  with your next single-unit or multi-unit roofing project.

  • We have the knowledge of insurance process's; we’re seasoned roofing insurance professionals.
  • We have an understanding of expectations.
  • We have established relationships with big box insurance companies.
  • We create partnerships with insurance companies to meet the needs of the homeowners.
  • We are trained in insurance practices and terminology (jargon).
  • We have the technology know-how; we know how to measure roofs appropriately and accurately.
  • We have an understanding of estimation, billing and invoicing processes.
  • We have affordable costs because of our efficient practices and economies of scale.
  • We know how to work with insurance agencies to meet everyone’s roofing needs.