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Loveridge is the Calm After The Storm

So you think (or know) you have storm damage. Either you experienced the wind or hail yourself, saw something on the news, noticed your neighbors getting their roof done or have more roofing advertisements that you have ever seen in your life!

After a storm, you will have roofers come to your door, and ask to give you a proposal for insurance proceeds. They may also leave flyers everywhere, put up signs in the road median or even in your yard without asking!

Don’t think about using a roofer without fully checking out their background. Many homeowners do not know that you never need to pay for any repairs or replacements before the work is complete. 

Although your roof is not leaking after a damaging storm, it still is likely that your roof is damaged and may leak soon. While the repair or replacement may not be an immediate emergency, it can become one very quickly.


Questions to Ask Your Roofer

Do they have a permanent and identifiable Colorado place of business (local address and phone numbers)?
A locally owned and operated business should be there when you need them.

Are they Gold members of the Better Business Bureau?
The BBB let's you see how others have been treated.

Do they provide a Lifetime Labor Warranty?
Out of state and seasoned operators may just refer you to the manufacturer.

Will they be onsite when the insurance company inspects?
We're there to represent you.


Understanding Hail Damage and The Claims Process

  • Hail damage may not be visible from the ground (unless you live in a neighborhood where the hail broke through the plywood decking or broke out skylights). You’ll need a professional inspection to find out if your home is damaged.
  • Your insurance company should pay for everything, but there’s a time limit on the claims process. If you miss the deadline, you’re stuck with an old roof the minute time expires.
  • Most homes can be reroofed in 2 to 3 days.
  • Make sure you understand how you will pay your deductible before you sign with anyone.  There are a few things your should know about insurance fraud.
  • The paperwork you receive from your insurance company includes an estimate for roof repairs. If your check isn’t big enough to get your roof replaced, don’t worry because it is only an estimate – not a final insurance settlement.
  • Insurance companies cannot cancel your policy or raise your rates for weather related claims. However, when you’re involved in a catastrophe, your insurance company may raise rates on everyone impacted in order to stay in business or change some business practices… remember insurance companies are businesses and need to remain profitable.