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Dec 13

Home Renovations

The bare and dark space of a basement often poses a challenge for basement remodels. Don't let the lack of ideas and design intimidate you.... Learn more

Nov 07

All About Weather Shield Windows

Reasons to consider Weather Shield With hundreds of window and door manufacturers to choose from, it can be difficult to distinguish one company... Learn more

Sep 25

All About James Hardie Products

Choosing a home siding can be a daunting process. It's a whole new arena to become familiar with and it's not uncommon to have questions. Here... Learn more

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Improvements to Consider for Your Home

All sorts of ideas come to mind when you want to renovate any part of your home, however remember if you have resale in mind at any date in the future you may want to consider all your resale suggestions. Like for starters you want to put a bowling alley in your basement, you may have trouble selling your home for such a decision. Or turning your bedroom into something you saw in a Hollywood magazine, and why not you ask? I can afford it!

Maintaining your Home

Now that winter is here in all its strength what did we forget to repair last spring, summer or fall that we wished we had?

Additions, do we need more room for visitors, or just for ourselves?

Kitchen Remodeling, are things starting to break down or need renewing now that you’re in the home more and see it more?

Bathroom Remodeling, is your bathroom beginning to look old and used up?

Windows and Doors, are your windows and doors leaking your heating out, letting the cold in, you could feel the breeze when near them?

Repair and Remodel News and Reminders

Now that winter has come are you sorry you didn’t get those new windows or doors and door frame to keep the wind out. Or fix that old roof now that the snow comes and melts, comes and melts and you find a small leak?

Time to start preparing for next year now. So here are some helpful reminders to round out your list of things to pay attention to and to think of for your next projects for your home.

Home Renovations and Additions, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling

Windows and Doors, Garages, Wheel Chair Ramps, Storm Repairs, Storm Proofing

Winter Safety

One very important factor to understand is your risk of roof collapse due to the weight of snow on the roof. How much is too much weight? How can I prevent snow roof collapse? Should I use a snow roof rake or call a professional for roof snow removal?

It is highly recommended that unless you are a roof contractor that you call one for this high risk job!

Unless the roof structure is damaged or decayed, most residential roofs, regardless of the location of the house, should be able to support 20 lb. per square foot of snow before they become stressed.

Winter/Windows and Doors

Fall is the ideal season for replacing your home’s windows? The harsh, cold winter that will be here before we know it. Replacing your windows now will make your home more efficient this winter. Windows are often one thing many homeowners skip over. Homeowners think about when it comes to home improvement; however, as with any part of your home, windows age over time and need to be updated. Old windows tend to not seal properly and let a draft of cold air enter into your home.

Flat Roofing

Most flat roofs are typically not as long lasting or durable as many sloped ones, because the latter shed snow and rain a lot quicker. However, over the last few decades new and advanced flat roofing membranes have been developed that are highly durable, energy efficient and can compete with sloped roofs in longevity.

Lucas Roof Coatings

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which are better, solvent, water-based or moisture cure elastomeric coatings?

A: Solvent, water-based and moisture cure coatings each have their advantages.

Winter Awareness for the Home Owner

Without proper airflow and insulation in your attic, you will likely experience unnecessarily high energy bills and an increased potential for your roofing system to age and/or fail prematurely.

Here are a few things to give some attention to in the attic:

Inspect the condition of your insulation. See whether it looks uniform in height and volume throughout, or if it is worn or disturbed in some places.

Add or have a professional add extra insulation to your attic, if needed.

Preparing for the Colder Weather

Winters are work enough with the weather conditions; we don’t need to have to deal with repairs that could be avoided by taking care of them now while it’s still decent outside. With some elbow grease by doing it yourself or hiring a contractor to do it, here’s some tips to do now that will pay off come the deep freeze and snow.

Empty out your gutters:

Remodeling Your Home with Kids and Green Wise

Imagine, if you will, letting your child run rampant through an active construction site. We apologize for that terrifying vision. Now, there’s no way you would actually let that happen, but even the smallest of home remodel projects can quickly turn into a playground of peril, with live machinery, open crevices at any given moment, and sharp objects lying willy-nilly throughout the room.

Roofing Types and Materials

While the types of roofs used on homes are nearly endless, most can be categorized by the historical and architectural style of a home.

Many people mistake roof type with roofing materials. Both are important, but the type of roof your home has is determined when the home is designed and built whereas many materials are applicable for use on various types of roofs.