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Maintaining your Home

Now that winter is here in all its strength what did we forget to repair last spring, summer or fall that we wished we had?

Additions, do we need more room for visitors, or just for ourselves?

Kitchen Remodeling, are things starting to break down or need renewing now that you’re in the home more and see it more?

Bathroom Remodeling, is your bathroom beginning to look old and used up?

Windows and Doors, are your windows and doors leaking your heating out, letting the cold in, you could feel the breeze when near them?

Garages, your garage is never used for the car when it could be a family room an office a study?

Storm Repairs, we will know about those after each storm.

Storm Proofing, this is something we all need every year, we never know when that next storm finds its way in your house or around your house and wreaks havoc on something.

Green Building, a greener environment is a plus for all, consider what needs to go green.

Room Additions, again needing more space.

Driveways, shoveling your driveway and the shovel gets caught on every broken piece of concrete in the driveway.

Sidewalk Repair, same for the walkways.

Decks, need a deck, need a deck repaired, need a new deck?

Siding, Soffits, Painting, one or all the above

Tile Work, shower looking a bit dingy?

Energy Efficiency Tax Credits, time to upgrade to a more efficient household?

Roofing, has any off the rains or snow storms made its way into the house via your ceiling hence the roof?

Owning a home is a wonderful pleasure and it can also be costly and consuming. However, like anything else, proper maintenance can help ease the burden of costly repairs and major disasters. Your licensed and trained construction technicians are here for you every step of the way, why not take advantage of them instead of waiting for the insurance companies to send in there workers when something has happened that could have been avoided.

So you’ve purchased a home, unpacked the boxes, and made it your own. Now what? Your house has an entire network of interworking systems of which you are now in charge to keep running smoothly. Now that you are your own landlord, there is no one else to call when the basement floods, furnace quits, or garbage disposal stops working. But with some regular maintenance, you can greatly reduce the chance of emergency calls to the contractors. Also, with maintenance you’ll stretch the life of your systems and mechanicals, meaning you’ll increase the value of your home and have more money available for the kinds of things you’d rather spend your money on.

A lot goes into owning a home beyond simply choosing what color to paint the walls. Staying on top of home maintenance is important to save money in the long run. Energy efficiency and proper insurance can also save you money over time.

While many of us would prefer to spend our time and money elsewhere, keeping up on general maintenance of the home is one of the most fundamental ways to keep us from being forced to spend much more time and money when something goes wrong. Performing home maintenance has other valuable results. As you track and monitor the systems in your home, you will gain an understanding of its inter-workings and gain useful skills. Also, you will feel a sense of pride in knowing that your efforts both keep your family safe and build value in your investment.

On a typical day, you may not look at our homes any further than the casually at the rooms we live in. However, behind the walls, in our basements and crawlspaces, and encasing our house are the systems that keep our home a nice place to live. As a homeowner, you must have a basic understanding of these systems and what they need from us to remain safe and functional.

Be wise, let a professional have a good look at all that needs looking at to prevent any major inconveniences and money disasters!!!